Welcome To Vagdevi Gurukula

Vagdevi Gurukula Pre School offers a welcoming environment and a free-flowing session for the kids. Kids have access to both the indoor and outdoor areas and are capable to select the activities that they access. We recommend adult-led activities, small group and child initiated play. We take pleasure in our Open Door policy and make ourselves available to discuss your child with you when possible.

We invite children to join our Pre-school at the start of the term in which they celebrate their 3rd birthday. Although children can join our mid-term if sessions are accessible, most start at the beginning of a new term. We begin allocating places at the beginning of the previous half term.

Our Programs

Physical development

Health Capsule
Montessori Activities
Outdoor Activities

Social development

Skill development
Conversations Celebrations

Emotional development

Life Skills
Lessons For Life

Mental development

Reasoning Ability
Logical Thinking
Oral Drill
Field Activity

Spiritual development

Kinder Enlightenment
Mythological Stories

Why Vagdevi Gurukula

Various innovative activities are not just added but loaded.These activities can be enjoyed by kids gaining clear registration on all facets.Logical, Analytical and skillful solving techniques to improve concentration and memory and developing a passion for learning and understanding. Introducing environmental aspect and making the child feel itself as part of environment through picture talks, exercises and 'think out of box' segments such as group discussion, fun discussion, and kinder debates (for KG classes).


About the Staff and the Parents Committee

All of our teachers and assistants have extensive educational backgrounds with experience as a teacher, parent or both. They are certified in basic first aid and CPR and are all experienced parents. In addition, the teachers at Vagdevi Gurukula all participate in frequent courses, workshops, and conferences to keep current in their fields. All staff is also certified annually by a physician to be free from any disability which would prevent them from caring for children.

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